Foundation (Stichting GreenfieldCities)

The foundation is the founding father of and –through a priority share in GreenfieldCities BV- secures the principle starting points and long-term vision of the organization. The foundation also is the platform for developing and testing innovative development solutions as well as the institute that helps refugees (with training and education) to thrive in life. GreenfieldCities BV is the group’s  social enterprise  and implements concepts developed by the Foundation in a way that is interesting for Impact investors. An example is the development of our clean tech campus in Jordan.

The GreenfieldCities Foundation is statutory being governed by a non-executive board, executives and an (optional) supervisory board. The Foundation board did not yet decide on the installation of a supervisory board.

We expect that the Foundation will seek additional employees and board members in 2019 and that we will contract professionals and experts. The GreenfieldCities Foundation Board consists of:

The GreenfieldCities organization expanded in 2018 by adding its social enterprise arm called GreenfieldCities BV. This growth leads to the need of seeking new board members. This search is ongoing and a profile of the board and its members can be found here (in Dutch).