Core Values in GreenfieldCities Goals consists of two entities: (1) a not for profit GreenfieldCities Foundation and (2) a social enterprise called GreenfieldCities BV (see Organisation). Both entities may have slightly different types of supporting stakeholders that may support us for different reasons.

The Universal Declaration of Rights
The Universal Declaration of Rights

Whatever the reason to support us, it is important to know that we will always live by, and defend our core values. These include:

  • Equal rights for any person
  • The right of life, freedom and safety
  • The right to be recognized for the law
  • The right of fair and equal legal treatment
  • The right of privacy and protection of name and standing
  • The right to marry with or divorce from whoever you choose
  • The right to possess what’s yours
  • The right to choose your own religion or conviction and live accordingly providing you respect other’s.
  • The right to speak out freely, and access information where it is availabl
  • The right to education
  • The right to access to medical care
  • The right to proper public government and governance

The above human rights are a selection and interpretation from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 10th 1948, and that therefore should be endorsed by all member states of the United Nations.

GreenfieldCities reaches its goals by:

  1. Supporting and signing agreements with and between countries, international institutions, companies and people that secure for at least 50 years in the future, safe and sustainably prospering areas in or nearby current conflict zones or zones affected by climate change, whereby the universal human rights listed above are guaranteed and protected.
  2. Investing in sustainable urban and regional development. We do that by teaming up with other investment partners and by investing the funds entrusted to us in development plans, and in land and new property, sustainable energy and water, and other infrastructure projects. We may also invest in innovative local companies, institutions and human capital in and around Greenfield cities.

Our reason to exist is to create and sustain the enabling environments for people to thrive, respecting the existing context within the framework of our core values listed above.