GreenfieldCities BV

GreenfieldCities BV is the social enterprise of the organization. We added this for-profit social company to the group organization to be able to offer impact investors financial returns on top of the impact we generate.

GreenfieldCities BV is currently still majority owned by the GreenfieldCities founders, Arie van Beek and Joris Benninga. The GreenfieldCities Foundation holds a priority share in the company to secure the Founding principles also for the years ahead. The GreenfieldCities BV articles of incorporation legally prepare the company to take on board impact investors and employees as co-owners.

GreenfieldCities BV typically implements the concepts developed by GreenfieldCities Foundations. GreenfieldCities BV implements in a way that allows so-called impact investors to execute their multiple return strategies, by for example offering them an exit strategy over time. An example of an activity by GreenfieldCities BV is the development of our clean tech campus in Mafraq, Jordan. For this project GreenfieldCities BV has established a full daughter company in Jordan, GreenfieldCities Jordan.