Jordanian Parliament support for GreenfieldCities broadcasted on national TV

GreenfieldCities was cordially invited to meet with the Women’s Committee of the Jordanian Parliament. This Parliamentary Committee is responsible to defend and promote the interests of women in Jordan. Parliament Member Dr. Reem Abu Dalbouh from Mafraq chaired the meeting and stated to be impressed with the efforts of GreenfieldCities to extensively consult young women from Mafraq as part of the feasibility study for the Youth Business Campus in Mafraq. All Parliament Members of the Women’s Committee discussed the approach with GreenfieldCities and helped to further shape the women empowering conditions in the design of the Youth Business Campus.

A specific goal for the Campus is to create attractive living, learning and working conditions for young women in order to increase female labor participation (<15%) in Mafraq. Young women in Mafraq excel at high school and universities (more than young men), but have much less opportunities for valuable employment opportunities in Mafraq due to economic and cultural barriers. GreenfieldCities aims to unlock the capacities of these young women on the Youth Business Campus.

A “Jordan TV” crew filmed the meeting and broadcasted it on national television at prime time. The Parliament Members, representing all the governorates of Jordan, expressed strong support for the plans of GreenfieldCities and invited GreenfieldCities to establish Youth Business Campuses in other governorates as well to create opportunities for young women. Haneen Al-Shdifat, GreenfieldCities employee from Mafraq, knows the barriers for young women first hand. She stated during the meeting that the Youth Business Campus in Mafraq should function as a tangible example for Jordan on how to unlock the social-economic potential of young women. GreenfieldCities is more than motivated to do that, nationwide.