Mafraq Governor meets Dutch GreenfieldCities delegation

GreenfieldCities is hiring staff in Jordan and working diligently on establishing offices in the city of Mafraq. A meeting with Governor Hassan of the Governorate of Mafraq triggered the following press release from his office that was picked up by several media in Jordan.

The Governor of Mafraq meets Dutch delegation

(edited translation from Arabic)

Mr.Mafraq governor meets GFC Hassan, the governor of Mafraq Governorate, stated that he will provide support for GreenfieldCities in Mafraq so it may develop its investment and economic projects to the fullest, create relevant job opportunities for people in the region, and reduce the problem of poverty in some areas. He added in his meeting with the country director of GreenfieldCities that he will seek collaboration with the relevant authorities to provide all the required facilities for investment in Mafraq Governorate.

The Governor pointed out that the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area is eligible for this purpose. Extending special advantages to investors, it attracts development projects that contribute to job opportunities and advance the Mafraq economy and development. He emphasized the continuous efforts of the government to foster investment opportunities and development in the area, under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.

Hedzer Roodenburg Vermaat, the Country Director of the Dutch organization, praised the efforts of the Governor of Mafraq to provide the necessary support and facilities for the development of the investment project and the creation of 1500 job opportunities in the upcoming years.

He was keen to point out the selection of the Al-Mafraq Development area, due to the availability of services and facilities required for the implementation of this investment project, which will begin soon. The meeting was attended by Mohammed al-Ziyud and Ahmed al-Shadifat from the office of the Governor of Mafraq and Rana Al-Majali of the accompanying GreenfieldCities’ delegation.

The original press release in Arabic is here.

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