Meanwhile in Mafraq….. Ahmad Khazaelah

The Corona pandemic affects the whole world and every country takes precautionary measures. This impacts daily life in our project town Mafraq as well. Our Youth Business Campus project there is virtually on hold, but life goes on. To stay connected, our Mafraq team member, Rahmeh Al Tehaimer holds short street interviews with people that one day can directly or indirectly benefit from the Campus activities.

Part 1. Ahmad Khazaelah, taxi driver

Ahmad Khazaeleh is a young but experienced taxi driver in Mafraq. He explains that Covid 19, heavily affected his work as a taxi driver. He needs to be on the street to make a living and it is easy to imagine that during the periods of total lock down and quarantine he had to stay home for several days without any clients Also, the partial lock downs and quarantines for all citizens have reduced his working hours.

Ahmad added that the quarantine days in the beginning felt like being imprisoned at home. The way he told me that felt like a very strong emotional expression of fear and dependence.

The most frightening part of this pandemic for Ahmad was the possibility of transmitting the Corona virus infection to his family and the people around him and the fact that he could infect the people he meets daily.

Ahmad contributes to stopping the virus by sticking to the precautionary instructions, which include wearing a facemask and keeping distance between people. Ahmed also found a positive side of this pandemic, which is staying with family and close relatives and being able to spend more time with them. He also keeps busy and informed on social media, monitoring any updates on the crises.

Ahmad definitely became more appreciative of his own health and health of those around him. He acts more consciously on things like physical health, and mental health. So he is on a more healthy diet and he reminds himself to stay positive.

Ahmad believes that after this pandemic is over, we will return to normal. “We don’t need to change anything really, even if these measures are necessary to keep our community safe”.

Ahmad hopes that this pandemic will end, that it will “fold in the record of the past”, and become  a memory, while we return to our normal life. Ahmad himself was not infected with this virus, and we hope that he will remain safe and sound.


Next in part 2.   Dima Hussban, student at Al Allbayt University