Triodos Foundation First Friend GreenfieldCities

For the second consecutive year, Triodos Foundation made a substantial donation to GreenfieldCities. The Triodos Bank, which originates from the foundation, is one of the most sustainable banks in the world and more than 700.000 clients support their positive movement. Therefore, GreenfieldCities is proud that the Foundation become our first so-called friend of GreenfieldCities. Contributions like those of Triodos are important to continuously work on our mission to stop forced migration.

The Triodos contribution helped us to finalize the feasibility study for the Youth Business Campus in Mafraq Jordan and pay our architect’s salary for an additional 2 months enabling her to draft a key part of the feasibility study in which the urban planning and the architectural design of Youth Business Campus are explained in (graphical) detail.Bird Eyes View Youth Business Campus Mafraq

This increased the quality of final report of the study, and helps us to get more “friends” and funding on board. Ultimately, the Youth Business Campus can become an interesting green financing opportunity for the people who donate to the Foundation and the 700.000 clients of the Triodos Bank.

More information how your organization can become a GreenfieldCities friend is found here.