Contribute to Develop and Build an Information and Exposition Center GreenfieldCities Campus

Information Center GreenfieldCities Youth Business CampusGreenfieldCities is developing a Youth Business Campus to create a sustainable future for young Syrians and Jordanians in their own region of origin. We develop the campus in three stages (Pop-up, Touch-base and Fully developed) in the King Hussein bin Talal free zone close to the Syrian border. This is a place where Syrian and Jordanian youth can live, learn and work. To quickly create the first jobs, facilitate education and training, inform people about our plans, increase our visibility and already have actual presence in the free zone, GreenfieldCities aims to build an information and exhibition centre as soon as possible. The center will also serve as a podium for the small but thriving artist community in Mafraq. Right now GreenfieldCities is looking for people and organisations that want to financially contribute to this center.

The information and exposition centre will show the business campus in maquette form and have excellent facilities to present and explain GreenfieldCities plans to visitors. The Center will also be used for the Jordan GreenfieldCities’s office. Students of associated universities (Al Albayt University, University of Jordan) will help run the Center while doing an internship or graduation on subjects related to the center and the development of the business campus. GreenfieldCities’ staff will invest in bringing professional skills of the students to levels required by the (international) labour market. Students (doing Master or PhD thesis) from Dutch educational institutions such as Wageningen University, will help exchange of leading edge knowledge in the same relevant fields (Agriculture, Water, Energy).

Plan Groundfloor Information and Exhibition Center GreenfieldCities

Apart from office space, there will be place to organise workshops and courses while dorms for students, staff and the occasional guest will be part of the center as well.
For the sketch-design a grid of 3 m x 3 m x 3 m was strictly maintained, to enable pop-up production methods that make the actual implementation time of the center very short (about 2 months). Energy wise the Center will be operated independently from the grid and hence will be a showcase how energy can be saved, how renewable energy is produced and how the system between energy demand and supply can best be designed and operated. The water system will also be a showcase for sustainability: low consumption, high recycling rates.

The design, development, building and running of the Center will create jobs for Jordanian and Syrians alike. With its strategic location next to the highway, its high-profile characteristics and while connecting the city of Mafraq and the free zone, it will also help to attract national and international businesses to the free zone.

We estimate the costs for the design, development and building of the campus to be € 350 000. That sounds like a lot of money, and it is. On the other hand, if 350 readers of this item decide to donate € 1000 or 3500 readers decide to donate € 100, we can really plant the metaphorical seed for the campus. Please help us make this work!

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