Arie van Beek, Founder

Hi there!Arie explaining the road to carbon neutrality

I’ve been in the sustainable business almost all my life. Early in my career I’ve been responsible for implementing substantial co-generation power at one of the biggest Dutch utilities. The last 5 years I’ve served the public sustainability cause and took the initiative to set up a publicly owned, regional sustainable power development company.

When asked to help set up I hesitated and spent some time to sleep on it. The challenge seemed overwhelming. All issues undermining peace, stability, security and sustainability come together in this initiative. But then I thought there will be no real sustainability without peace, without stability or without security. Then I felt I could not look the other way and walk away from it. Tough nut to crack? Obviously! Toughest sofar! However, being able to start from scratch, might materialise as a key success factor. I’m committed to give it my best ever try. And we anyway need crowds, huge crowds, to fund the initiative and help us realise it.

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