GreenfieldCities & DogeCoin


DogeCoin, also referred to as the “friendly Internet Currency” is widely used as an Internet tipping system.  DogeCoin users express support to a worthy cause or person by making (often) penny size contributions.

GreenfieldCities is keenly interested in exploring opportunities for blockchain and crypto currency applications our new cities.  Advantages are the low transaction costs, security, transaction verifiability, privacy and ultra fast worldwide applicability.  There are important disadvantages as well. Currently the volatility is too big to be of very practical use for most of us and the strong privacy features make taxation and oversight difficult.  Last but not least, the practical security is only as good as the IT security habits of the user.

So, we think crypto currencies are still in their infancy, but are nevertheless very worthwhile exploring.

You can support us by making a contribution:

Our DogeCoin address is: DG1Q8MBkQms8QAfJ39DZ3ACpWKt4h5hZ9j