Refugee Talents sign Dutch labor contracts at GreenfieldCities

After a period of volunteering, the most talented Syrian and Eritrean team members earned a well-deserved labor contract to work for GreenfieldCities on our plans to curb migration in their regions of origin. Salim from Syria (left) will be working on research and partnerships, whereas Nahom from Eritrea (right) will be responsible for the financial accounting for GreenfieldCities.

By signing their contracts, both talents leave the social benefit system (uitkering) and become full-fledged employees. This is a major career-step that is unfortunately not yet the norm for refugees in the Netherlands. Historically, some 50% of the newcomers remains life-long dependent on the social benefit system.

We try to improve this situation with our mutually beneficial method:  empowering refugees while simultaneously employing them to develop context-fit solutions in their regions of origin.

GreenfieldCities works hard to get refugees at competitive productivity levels. We believe that this is what is needed to achieve better integration, less burden on Dutch municipalities and an inclusive solution to forced migration. We strongly believe that Salim and Nahom will serve as a showcase for other refugee talent in the Netherlands. GreenfieldCities is looking forward to continue working together.