Financial Information

Our sponsors and investors entrust us with funds that we use and invest to reach our goals.

GreenfieldCities Foundation

Stichting GreenfieldCities is a not for profit foundation. The foundation attracts public and private grants and realizes social, environmental and financial returns for citizens of Greenfield cities and the common good. The foundation will also benefit from future profits from our social enterprise, GreenfieldCities BV.

The financial revenues of our foundation consist of:

  • Gifts and sponsor fees
  • Grants by institutions and governments
  • Other revenues or incentives
  • Future grants by GreenfieldCities BV

The foundation aims amongst others to provide working capital to the campus project development activities carried out by GreenfieldCities BV. This is an effective way to generate impact and secure long-term returns for the foundation. Once the campus projects start yielding financial returns the financial flow can also go vice versa, back to the foundation to support education, research and development of other activities for the common good.

GreenfieldCities BV

GreenfieldCities BV is the social for-profit enterprise of the GreenfieldCities group. The financial means of GreenfieldCities BV consist of:

  • Revenues from sold (consulting) services
  • Revenues from ICT licenses & services
  • Revenues from utility services (electricity & water)
  • Rental income from buildings
  • Revenues from sold projects and land value increase
  • Revenues from validation & certification services
  • Investment capital from impact investors

Financial Statements

The GreenfieldCities group management prepares financial statements for the various group entities and publishes the statements of GreenfieldCities Foundation on this website.  Financial statements of other group entities can be found at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Download our 2019 financial statements

Download our 2018 financial statements.

Download our 2017 financial statements.

Below are the 2016 Figures (startup year):